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Dentelles VĂ©ritables de Bruxelles

This catalog is quite interesting, but from a completely unknown source. I can only assume that there was some price list that went with it which would give more information. There is no date, no page numbering, and only the name of the printer, Jules Nahrath et Cie, Bruxelles, is printed on the back cover. He is notable for printing postcards around the first decade of the 20th century.

I especially like this catalog because it gives the names of the laces of the times, and provides examples for comparisons with items in modern collections. I also like the way the many berthas are displayed, and often use this method of draping in my own photos of berthas

1. Is this the product of a single manufacturere? Which one?
2. Is there an accompanying price list or other ephemera?

first posted 4/4/2009
revised 11/16/2021