Belgian Unknown Needlelace

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Unknown needlelace round

8.5" (21.6 cm) diameter
Occasional loose stitch on the border.  Some brown staining. This might be silk - the overall color is a light brown.

This lace will probably be moved to the Italian Needlelace section.
The design is a bit primitive, three birds in a tree or plant rising from an elaborate vase. The ground needs analysis, but looks like Alençon réseau but with only one twist on the return. Closely buttonholed cordonnets have no sculpturing. The mesh follows the motif throughout the whole piece (much as it does in early Milanese pieces). It might be Italian, and if silk, made for the Jewish Tallit. Examples contemporary with Gros Point are shown in Clare Browne's "Lace from the Victoria and Albert Museum", Plate 27, and plate 50 in Margaret Simeon's "The History of Lace". This piece might be a more modern take on that tradition.                        

purchased 09/12/2019
first posted 03/27/2020

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