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Dalmatian Postcard

5-3/4" x 3-1/2"

I think this postcard is actually a painting, and the woman is taken from a separate photograph pasted into the staircase background.

Dalmatia has been given to different countries and empires extensively over the centuries, but mostly ended up in modern Croatia after the end of WWI and the dissolution of the Habsberg Empire. So the connection with Austria is very feasible. The bottom of the card reads: "Dalmatian Needlelaceworker. Proceeds from the sale of this card will go to the relief of needy female laceworkers". The divided back came into use around 1910, so I'm guessing this piece dates from around WWI. It is a photolithograph produced by Max Jaffé of Vienna. The Roman Numeral XVII after his name might stand for 1917? I don't know anything more about the names printed on this card.

The island of Pag is in the north-Dalmatian archipelago. I'm guessing the lace shown is Paška čipka, known in English as Pag needlelace. It is actually a free reticella worked on a pillow - the lacemaker might be holding a Pag pillow in her lap. We associate modern Pag lace with circular doileys or specialized motifs (like crosses), so a border like the one shown would be a very special piece. See the Pag lace example for a further discussion of this lace.

first posted 2/14/2009

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