English Flat Point Needlelace

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English Flat Point Needlelace border

3.5" x 90"
Very good condition. Finished one end, cut the other. A little grey in color, and a little soft as if worn, but not damaged. There's a lable tied on the finished end with twine.

An elegant venise-type looking border with raised work in the flowers (thistles?). Coarser thread, probably linen, quite sturdy. I don't know where this comes from, so am sticking it in England flat points for now. The edges seem to be a two-strand woven cord. No real clues here or from the brides. No cordonnet. No hints from the lable. Seller thinks it might be French since it was found in a trunk in a Normandy sale.

purchased 02/28/2019
first posted 03/12/2019