Valenciennes Anglaise
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Square Hole
Round Hole

This type of Valenciennes comes in several variations, stylistically and technically. They also range from extremely fine to a little coarse in thread size. The ones with very fine grounds are probably earlier than the courser ones. I need to get diagrams of the meshes, and also do more resarch here.

The top row has examples with a square mesh and straight lower border. The second two rows have a slightly rounder mesh and thin design. The 4th row has scalloped borders, again with a rounder mesh. The last row has a definite round mesh and somewhat courser thread.

These styles are sometimes called 'Valenciennes Anglaise', although there is no evidence they were made in England (see Val-a_border-4). Palliser shows examples coming from Dieppe. There are also photos of this style being made in Bailleul. For the moment, I'll call them all 'Valenciennes Anglaise'.