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Girl's Lace School, Kundankulam, doily set

Each ~4-1/4" diameter.
Excellent condition, unused, the tag and set of 4 was sewn together (removed the thread).
Cotton working thread: 2 Ply S, Single Z. average 0.193mm standard deviation 0.033mm
Cotton (check to see if linen) Gimp: 2 Ply S, Single Z. average 0.379mm standard deviation 0.036mm

Four matching coaster doilies wth 3 rose and 2 leaf design. Note the internal gimp in the leaves, and the outside of the petals and leaves. Woven tally grid fillings in the roses. The back and front of each doily are so similar that both sides are shown in the photos.

This set is from the Girl's Lace School, Kudankulam, which is a town in the Tirunelveli (historically known as Tinnevelly) district in the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The school taught pillow lace, making of various designs, with five classes (A, B, C, D and E), each lasting one year. The school was established by the Church of England Zenana mission, and more research is needed on this school. It was operating in 1923, and how much earlier or later is unknown.
Today Kudankulam is known for the largest nuclear power plant in India, with nameplate capacity of 1,864 MW.

purchased 09/24/2020
first posted 07/11/2021