Punto Tirato

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Punto Tirato Tela Sfilata

The Ladies Work Society was established in 1875 and was part of the wider Arts and Crafts movement that was emerging at the end of the 19th century, led by artists such as William Morris.  The Ladies Work Society provided a respectable means of employment for distressed gentlewomen who had needlework skills and education but no other means of making a living.  Decorative embroidered clothing, laces and textiles were made to order through the Society or sold through their premises in London. This panel of cutwork lace has been made using the same principles as cutwork lace was made in the late 17th century.   Large areas of fabric were cutaway and the spaces filled with needlework.  Like the early examples,  this panel has been made using linen and is very cool to the touch. The panel has some interesting designs and is in good condition for its age, there are a couple of holes and fraying along one bottom edge and one small repair that I can see.The panel measures 30.5"  x  10".
In one corner there is a label saying - LADIES WORK SOCIETY LTD, 143 BROMPTON ROAD

first posted 10/30/2011