Venetian Rose Point

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Rose Point bib-fronted collar

laid flat 34-3/4", bands 7.5" x 9.5", neckpiece 16" x 4.5"
Almost perfect condition, I broke 2 small brides when taking tag off. See MIA report for further details.

Lent to the Minneapolis Institute of Art September 2015 to August 2016 for exhibition. MIA gave a much more detailed condition report, and mounted it with a linen collar on a bust as it would have been worn in the late 1700's. It was not labeled as lent for MIA's 100th anniversary because the loan went into 2016. It would have fit better on the bust if there had been a tuck taken in the back neck band, as seen in contemporary examples. Two cloth-covered rolls were inserted vertically to give the needed relief. The piece was shown next to a contemporary engraving of a man wearing a similar band. MIA left the collar attached and gave me the two rolls.

Overly good example of a bib-fronted collar - need better verification of an early date. The smaller motifs are often called 'Rose Point'. Engrelure added around the neckline.

accession number 2014.1.117
purchased 09/20/2014
first posted 12/10/2014
revised 04/06/2020