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The Northern New Mexico Museum of Lace (NNMML) is home to a private wide-ranging collection of handmade lace
and associated items. Although currently a virtual resource, a permanent home is being investigated.
In the meantime, research is happening, exhibitions are being held, and visitors are always welcome!


11/21/2021 Added fourteen more Belgian lace manufacturers and sellers. see (Lace Manufacturers and Sellers)

11/20/2021 Reorganized and added a few postcards to the "World Fairs" section (Universal Expositions and World Fairs)

11/16/2021 In Belgium Manufactureres, changed the enlarged pages of the 'unknown catalog' to more readable images (Unknown Catalog). I also wrote to the Manufacture Belges de Dentelles in Brussels to see if they have any information on this catalog.

11/15/2021 Added 8 more thumbnails of pieces that need cataloging.

10/23/2021 Added 5 more thumbnails of things that need cataloging.

10/18/2021 Recovering from a nasty disk crash, but all OK now. Just put up 14 more thumbnails of things that need cataloging.

09/15/2021 The "NNMML Videos" page is now live! First one added is the presentation on NNMML made at IOLI Uncon 2.0 on July 30, 2021.
Also added 7 new pieces to "New Acquisitions" below.

09/03/2021 Completely redid the Tunesian Chebka knotted lace section. Added a sheet with unusual Chebka decoration.

08/22/2021 Redid the Machine Lace section. I only have 3 pieces posted, so don't be surprised if pages are blank.

08/14/2021 Added a very preliminary contact page, email only.

08/13/2021 Henri Georges postcard added to Belgian Postcards:
Point de Paris runner also added:
Point de Paris runner

08/12/2021 800 dpi photo is now available for download for:
Check it out. I'll add more, starting with this directory.
I've also reworked the pointers to add one for the NNMML Home Page, and renamed 'Home' to 'Collections'. It will take a long time to change this for all the pages!

08/08/2021 Reworked the "Advertising, Collectibles, Kitsch" section under "Index by Subject". Moved things around a a lot.
Workng on the Vermeer special topic section, after that all corrections will be done!
Also reorganized this announcements section so most recent dates are at the top.
7:51 PM, just finished correcting the Vermeers, so now the entire Collections page is good to go!

08/05/2021 Corrections are complete for the Country index, now working on the Subject index. This morning I completely re-did the "Lace Exhibitions Archive" which wasn't working at all.
I also added this box for streaming announcements, it is supposed to have a scrollbar at the right when I overflow the box. Seemed to be working when I tested it.
Now I'm trying to figure out how to get a Contact form on the site. And I really wish that Dreamweaver had a decent spellchecker.

07/20/2021 The website is finally up!!! Not perfect, but at least it's a start. Many of the topics will be finalized soon.

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 New Acquisitions - these will be transfered to "Collections" after they are cataloged. 

Reticella and Needlelace (37 items)

Continuous Bobbinlace (46 items)

Pieced, Mixed, and Tape Bobbin Laces (25 items)

Guipure and Plaited Bobbin Laces (42 items)

Other Lace Types (37 items)