Austrian Bobbinlace

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Wiener Werkstätte round motif

7.25" wide, 7-7/8" high
Excellent condition, with some tag ends along the border not cut off. 

This is a product of the Wiener Werkstätte led by Dagobert Peche who became co-director thereof in 1916. It is illustrated on page 110 in Hartmut Lang's "Die Spitzen der Wiener Werkstätte: Dagobert Peche", Barbara Fay Verlag, 2016 Lang attributes the design directly to Dagobert Peche.

This is a contemporary cotton guipure design with plaited brides. There are a few needle-made brides at the upper left of the temple roof which might be a repair.  This is one of a set as illustrated in Lang.

purchased 10/09/2019
first posted 03/27/2020