Austrian Bobbinlace

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Wiener Werkstätte round motif

~9" wide, ~7.5" high
Very good condition, localized brown spots on the dog's body and top of the 2nd hill from the left.

This is a product of the Wiener Werkstätt, led by Dagobert Peche who became co-director thereof in 1916. It is illustrated as pattern #11 - Windhund (Greyhound) in Hartmut Lang's "Die Spitzen der Wiener Werkstätte: Dagobert Peche", Barbara Fay Verlag, 2016. This pattern was taken from an earlier work, Marie Dormoy's "Dentelles de l'Europe centrale", Paris 1925, plate 14. Lang attributes the design directly to Dagobert Peche.
The Lang pattern measures 30x23 cm, and notes this is 111% bigger than the Dormoy image. It is still larger than the piece below, and appears to be made of finer thread.  Who knows if they ever had an actual example to make the book's design? This may have been made for the book, without exact knowledge of the thread originally used.  I'll try to contact the author and ask.        

The seller says this was purchased as part of a large lot from the estate of a well-known interior designer in New York, but gives no further details.       

purchased 10/09/2019
first posted 05/08/2020