Craponne-Sur-Arzon Bobbinlace

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Louis Gallien Archive

Craponne_2c 11" x 3" Sunflower insertion
Craponne_1c 11.875" x 3-7/8" Sunflower with scalloped edge.
Craponne_2a 8.75" x 2.5" Square and flower insertion. Tag upper right.
Craponne_3a 9" x 4" Cloth squares, tally flowers, scalloped border. Tag upper right.
Craponne_2b 10.5" x 3.25" Square tally insertion.
Craponne_3b 10.75" x 4-1/8" Square tally scalloped border.
Craponne_1b 9.25" x 4-5/8" Woven leaves, geometric.
Craponne_3c 9.5" x 4-7/8" Teardrop slightly scalloped border.
Craponne_4a 11.75" x 5" Guipure cross, picoted square brides.
Craponne_4b 12.15" x 5-1/4" Sunflower scalloped insertion.
Craponne_1a 9.5" x 4-5/8" Rose & stars, points - Gallien tag pinned on.
Craponne_4c 11.75" x 5-1/4" ~Iris guipure pattern with thick cordonnet.
Craponne_5a 8" x 4" Half and whole stitch flower pattern, picoted cross brides, raised tallies, scalloped border. (glue)
Craponne_5b 10" x 4" Guipure floral pattern.
Craponne_5c 8.875" x 5" Swirling design with point & HC fillings, picoted square brides.
Craponne_6b 9" x 5-3/8" Bird insertion. 2 tags upper and lower left.
Craponne_6a 9" x 6.5" Bird design border. 2 tags upper and lower left.

Condition on all these items is very good, occasional glue spots or fading.

The technique of these 'sales samples' is very precise, and originally they would have been mounted in a catalog. One characteristic found in many of these is the woven 2- or 3-thread base. Gimp varies from very heavy to light, to none. Design ranges from purely geometric 'cluny' type, to more pictorial, to some more continous with varied grounds and fillings. All seem to have the same rather large thread.,

The French seller found an enormous number of these samples all together at a flea market sale in 2015, and sold them on Ebay in sets of 2-3 where they went for very high prices. I bought only a few, but kept photos of the others. Louis Gallien, Craponne sur Arzon is indicated on two tags, and was probably a retailer. Nothing is known about the designer(s). See the Robert Archive for similar examples and more history. They probably date before WWI.

purchased 09/29/2015, 10/03/2015, 10/13/2015
first posted 08/04/2017