Craponne-Sur-Arzon Bobbinlace

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Robert Archive

40 cm x 28 cm
need condition

Archive of the Robert shop in Craponne-sur-Arzon. It contains 283 samples, glued into the book.
Over 1100 patterns came with this book.

The people in this shop were called Robert (last name, the same as the first name) then it became: Small, but they were not the same people anymore and they did not sell any more lace
Like many stores in Auvergne, they sold different things, they also sold hardware and locksmith, - You will see 2 photos of the storefront, the one where there is only one character, is the oldest (upper right is inscribed: LACE? It dates from the 1900s? The second comes immediately after (but before the war of 14/18, the men did not go to war) maybe that the store had stopped selling lace and catalogs were stored in the house since that time?
It was a pretty rich family, they made designs by qualified people and then gave them to the lacemakers, the most difficult models were given to the most skilled lacemakers-Then they were going to get the finished work (we say that they were going to "lift" the lace, it was the leveurs of lace, they measured it with the help of aune or a half-alder (there are some very beautiful examples).

purchased 04/23/2019
first posted 05/01/2019